Proudly designing specialised traffic management and highways vehicles. Environmental impact of production methods and vehicles produced is a driving factor for BT-HS.


Driving for excellence in everything they do, placing safety, collaboration and sustainability at the heart of their success Chevron sets the standard for excellence across their network of companies.

City TM

London’s leading Traffic Management services supplier operating a paperless system, removing the possibility of losses and a tick in the box for environmental responsibility.

Crown Highways

Recognising the importance of looking after the environment and long-term sustainability Crown Highways are working with National Highways to achieve their carbon reduction targets.


Providing a variety of services to the traffic management sector HTM collaborate with clients and approach projects with a consideration for social value and sustainability.


An industry leader in the delivery of temporary Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and integrated solutions for hire across the UK using the latest communication technology.

R&C Williams

R&C Williams is a leader in the field of highways and infrastructure maintenance. The company has innovations and incentives towards sustainability targets that will be launched in 2022.


Enabling a paperless solution for field operations managers. Reducing waste, streamlining wasteful processes. Not just for their clients, but internally as well.

Triangle Software

A leader in the field of bespoke software development, including mobile apps. Triangle has been developing software to help companies be more efficient for over 25 years.

Skyways Media

A hub of innovation, providing media solutions for companies across a broad range of industries with world class service, in addition to the highest quality media tools for their business.


A supplier of temporary traffic management solutions. Amberon is passionate about sustainability and is actively working to remove, reduce or replace the carbon that it generates from its work activities.

Blakedale Ltd

A leader in the field of the hire, build, sale and maintenance of traffic-management vehicles, as well as the manufacture and sale of motorway marker posts and hazard delineators.

Quantum Traffic Management

Quantum is one of the fastest growing traffic management companies in the UK and fully understand their responsibility to conduct their business sustainably.

Confirm Solutions Ltd

Confirm Solutions Ltd is a leader in the field of Enterprise Asset Management and are committed to leading by example. They can help their clients in the areas of Social Value and Sustainability.


WJ are the UK’s leading road marking and highway safety business and have been at the forefront of advocating for sustainability for years. Back in 2017, the board appointed a Sustainability Director and set up a dedicated department.

Paragon Traffic Management Ltd

A leader in the field of Temporary Traffic Management and Permit Services. As a young dynamic company they already understand the essential need for everyone to aim for Net Zero.

The Traffic Group

A leader in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems, with a product portfolio spanning smart radar for vehicle and pedestrian detection on public highways and smart motorways, temporary and portable traffic signals and ANPR camera systems.

Nuphalt Contracting Ltd

Nuphalt Contracting Ltd is a leader in the field of Innovate Patching Solutions and sustainable products across the Highways and Civil Engineering sectors. Sustainability and recycling has been the key driver around their innovative patching products.


Nuflex, an alternative footpath material to conventional tarmac, is a mixture of recycled HGV tyres, hard stone aggregate and a polyurethane binder which when laid, provides a porous and durable surface which meets the demands of all of the user groups from walkers, cyclists, runners, horse riders and alike.

Nuphalt Thermal Repairs

The nu-phalt™ Thermal Road Repair System was developed by their team as an alternative to traditional road and pothole repair methods. The thermal heater produces a permanent, heat-sealed, seamless repair to re-establish the original integrity of the road, and only a minimum of new material is needed.


The Jetpatcher™ provides a cost-effective way of maintaining the wearing course surfaces of asphalt roads, car parks, footpaths, industrial areas including repairs of potholes, crack seals etc. The machine is highly productive with minimal waste material.