Wilson & Scott Highways Ltd | Committing to Sustainability as Newest Member of Greener Highways

Wilson & Scott Highways Ltd, a leading road marking and high friction surfacing company has showcased its commitment to sustainability by becoming a member of Greener Highways, joining the collaborative charge towards net zero.

Greener Highways is a membership organisation set up to unite a sector in the battle against the ongoing climate crisis. It aims to aid with the education and implementation of sustainable initiatives, products, services and operations across the highways sector.

In order to achieve this, Greener Highways will showcase the contributions of its members towards a cleaner, greener future. Greener Highways aims to tackle the climate emergency together by looking at areas such as energy, transport, wildlife and waste, with further aim to build best practice relationships between businesses to encourage faster changes towards long-term sustainability.

As part of a huge highways community, Greener Highways sees the environmental impact of the sectors business activities and realise that companies need to address increasingly serious environmental problems such as climate change, resource depletion, carbon footprints, and pollution.

Wilson & Scott Highways Ltd

Wilson & Scott Highways Ltd has opted for Greener Highways membership as it shares the mission and aims of the organisation. The business believes in a cleaner, greener future in an industry that can make a monumental difference with its carbon reduction.

Wilson & Scott Highways Ltd was established in 1952 and has since grown to become one of the largest line marking companies in the UK today. Our founders helped set the industry standards, and we continue to shape and develop initiatives that position us as the leading line marking company in the UK, now supported by RS Clare, a leading UK manufacturer and developer of the first true thermoplastic road marking material.

Working with major clients, including National Highways, Local Authorities, and the private sector we have been a pivotal organisation in the renewal and maintenance of the strategic road network, car parks, school grounds and much more. Moreover, we are proud to celebrate over 30yrs of marking the blue line for the London Marathon.

Wilson & Scott are proud to support innovations and progress towards the Net Zero campaign.  Climate change is recognised as a global issue, and we have already taken steps to reduce our company impact.

Reductions in our most significant environmental impacts have already been achieved through significant forward vision and investment in the most technologically advanced operational vehicles available. In addition, we train and educate our drivers in techniques for reducing emissions and fuel use, with the potential to improve fuel efficiency by up to 15%.

We have worked with our major material supplier achieving 100% use of recycled glass in the road marking thermoplastic products we install.

Our commitment to ongoing investment in vehicles and drivers and in business sustainability generally will drive further environmental enhancements towards becoming carbon neutral. Further evidence of our commitment is our Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001.

Sustainable Working Practices

  • Commitment to waste prevention, re-purposing, recycling, other recovery and responsible disposal.
  • Effective management of operational resources to minimise vehicle mileage and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Purchasing strategy of procuring vehicles to the highest Euro standards available.
  • Thermoplastic road markings:
  • 100% recycled glass content
  • Highest available recycled content
  • Supply chain sustainability ensured through comprehensive vetting and monitoring procedures.
  • Active engagement with supply chain to minimise or eliminate packaging.

We have proactively stipulated further reductions in our carbon footprint, which form part of our ongoing business strategy.

Jason Stopps, QHSE Manager told us:

“Being part of the Greener Highways family means much more than another logo, it demonstrates our commitment to looking after our planet, for striving to think ahead and prove new innovations for sustainability and above all providing a better, healthier place for our future generations.

To become a member of Greener Highways, please visit  www.greenerhighways.co.uk



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