Re-flow | Re-flow’s new form builder aims to free businesses from waste

The team at Re-flow are excited to debut the newest addition to their award-winning field management software. Completely free of charge, the software aims to put more power into the hands of its users through the implementation of a brand-new form builder.

Since its inception, Re-flow has strived to reduce paper, waste, and unnecessary emissions through increasing auditability and providing digital forms to streamline SHEQ management. They now serve businesses across the construction, civil engineering, traffic management, highways, landscaping, and rail sectors, advocating for the shift away from traditional paper systems in favour of a single, comprehensive digital solution that paves the way for a far more sustainable, waste-free industry.

As proud members of Greener Highways, Re-flow’s form builder is the next step in their continued commitment to a greener industry. Understanding how crucial forms are to the sectors they serve, they also understand their shortcomings. Masses of forms bring masses of paper, printing, storage, and transport – all entailing their own environmental ramifications and contributing to a large footprint. A vast catalogue of digital forms has been a staple of the Re-flow system for years – moving the most important, widely used forms away from paper. Despite this, the needs of their clients have often proven to outgrow this catalogue; their users needed the ability to implement bespoke forms that fit their business, a service which, until recently, was only offered through the Re-flow support team for an additional cost.

The feature has already had extensive internal use among Re-flow’s support team, with a large amount of work being dedicated to preparing the form builder for a public release. Users now have the power and accessibility to build their own forms, with no limits on simplicity or complexity; the power to create forms that fit the business needs of users and their clients exactly how they want it. The team wanted to eliminate the dilemma between financial investment and environmental safety. Users are now able to collect the data they need, the way they need it, without worrying about environmental ramifications. The more forms that go digital, the greener the business, for no additional cost.

The intuitive block-based system means users can start building simple forms within seconds. Don’t mistake simplicity for a limitation, however. The power of their form builder comes from its simplicity. Users can mix and match a wide variety of fields and functions to build general forms suited to everyday work, or expansive ones for the most specific of tasks. Submitting a form can trigger email notifications or change statuses within the system’s records. Actions enable users to carve their own automated process, to the point where it can even create work events or new jobs. Their forms can perform actions that paper simply can’t achieve, all while reducing printing costs, paper, and waste.

Businesses like City TM, also a member of Greener Highways, have already been using Re-flow to build a more sustainable business. Since implementing the software, their paperwork has reduced by a staggering 90%, and printing costs have been almost completely eliminated. Becoming more sustainable often comes with compromise and change, but the stories of businesses like City TM show that, with Re-flow, going green is simply a side effect of digitally transforming your business – efficiency and sustainability going hand in hand.

Complete customisability doesn’t just extend to the forms themselves – users even have complete control over how captured data is presented when exported, with the ability to share and display data to their team and clients their way. Exportable in multiple formats, all it takes now is a single e-mail to share powerful and clear data.

Leading up to the public release of the form builder, the feature underwent extensive trials with a select few of Re-flow’s existing clients to ensure it met the high standards of quality the company strives for, and now it’s finally available to all current and future Re-flow users for no additional cost. There’s always more room for digital transformation, and the sustainability that comes with it. We’re putting that power in your hands now.

For more information on going green with Re-flow, visit or contact them at 01392 574002.


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