Re-flow – Re-flow Field Management Review by TMO Highways

TMO Highways have been working as a traffic management company since 2014, and operate from depots across East Anglia, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex, and Bedfordshire. They also specialise in event and pedestrian management, bespoke manufacture of signs, and council consultations. They currently manage 90 members of staff and 80 vehicles.

A few years ago their growth was such that they believed field management software could help them keep on top of things and excel while doing so. They wanted one system that would be able to perform all of their departmental needs – with a big focus on scheduling, quoting, and on-the-ground reporting.

They wanted a solution capable of streamlining their commercial, scheduling, operational, and finance departments, and to find a software partner capable of transferring all of their forecast and job data. This required a partner with a strong onboarding and support team capable of truly understanding their business.

First, they tried out a rival to Re-flow, but they found this particular software solution inefficient and difficult to use. They felt that it lacked the ability to cover all of the processes and workflows that they expected and that a more powerful piece of software would lead to better efficiency savings and a stronger workplace.

Roughly 18 months ago they got in contact with Re-flow…

Re-flow: A forward-thinking field management solution bolstered by a great outreach team

TMO Highways chose Re-flow’s field management software for its comprehensive features and customisation capabilities. The key benefits of the Re-flow experience for TMO Highways included:

  1. Outreach: The Re-flow team came out to visit TMO Highways in order to spend time with the company and analyse their existing processes. ‘This was really well received by our staff and gave them a lot of confidence with using the software,’ they said.
  2. User-Friendly Scheduling and App: Re-flow’s drag-and-drop scheduling feature is intuitive and easy to use, speeding up customer workflows.
  3. Integrated Systems: Re-flow gave TMO Highways the ability to use a single piece of software throughout their overall job process – from tender and quoting, and from invoicing to reporting.
  4. Environmental and Workflow Efficiencies: Re-flow offered the kind of across-the-board efficiency boosts, in relation to time and exertion, that added up to huge savings. These came from automated forms, quicker scheduling, and so on. Unnecessary wasteful journeys to and from site were eliminated. Operatives had more available time in their day, and became more productive as a result.
  5. Seamless Data Transfer and Quote Generation: Re-flow’s app allows seamless data transfer between site and office. This reduces time spent on administrative tasks and improves overall project management.

‘We would definitely recommend Re-flow,’ TMO Highways say. ‘It’s embedded within the business now, and caters to all of our departmental requirements. And with Re-flow we’ve picked up jobs we would have previously missed.’

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