Re-flow | Re-flow Field Management Recap Their Best Year Yet

Re-flow is an award-winning field management company operating in construction, infrastructure, and landscaping.

At its core, the system connects field operatives with the back-office through an intuitive mobile application and powerful desktop dashboard. Uniting all major operational processes, the software has consistently demonstrated its ability to improve efficiencies, bolster health and safety management, increase profitability, and enable more sustainable growth.

Marking another milestone on their journey, Re-flow proudly enters its fifth year, carrying on a continued legacy of stellar year-on-year growth. Fuelled by increased resources and success, the company has been rolling out new, powerful features and expanding their team to better serve their growing community, as well as forging new partnerships with leading industry enterprises.

As the company expands its community of clients into the hundreds, they solidify their position as a leading provider of field management software. Among these have been several industry leaders, such as WJ, who adopted Re-flow as part of their future ambitions earlier this year.

Although Re-flow is increasingly being adopted by nationwide enterprises, the system remains as a flexible platform of tools suitable for businesses of any size. From local 10-man teams to mid-sized regional businesses and beyond, Re-flow provides a platform of tools that enable unparalleled scalability, meaning the system grows alongside their users’ ambition and success.

To match the system’s rapid rate of adoption, Re-flow has greatly scaled up their support capabilities. With many new members, the company’s in-house, UK-based support team is always on hand to answer user queries and guide them through their digital transformation journey.

This includes ramping up on-site, in-person sessions, guiding entire teams through the system step by step. With the addition of several new project managers, Re-flow can also now better cater to the unique needs of larger businesses, assisting them through every step of the adoption process.

Existing clients were also able to benefit from these face-to-face sessions at several high-profile trade exhibitions. At Traffex and Highways UK, two of the largest highways events of the year, Re-flow’s contingent of software specialists hosted free, 1-hour deep dives on the software, a trend that will undoubtedly continue in 2024.

Among the features being explored during these support sessions was Re-flow’s latest major update – 1.6. Rolled out to all existing clients free of charge, the substantial update, shaped by valuable user feedback, introduced several long-awaited improvements to the software, revamping core functionalities to further elevate the system’s versatility and user experience.

The flagship feature of this update was an expansion to one of the software’s key capabilities – scheduling. Re-flow 1.6 introduced drag-and-drop functionality to the scheduler, new scheduling types, as well as displaying more crucial task information at a glance. These changes aim to further improve oversight, as well as streamlining the user experience for frictionless task, asset, and operative management.

The update also included some important quality-of-life enhancements to Re-flow’s job creation system, as well as the integrated messaging system. Users are now able to create and save job presets for expedited future creation, eliminating yet another tedious administrative task. As for messaging, Re-flow 1.6 allows dashboard users to enable in-app replies to their messages, for added clarity and compliance.

With more data being exchanged through Re-flow than ever before, it’s become all the more important that users of the system take confidence in the security of their data. New security features have provided users with even more confidence that their information is protected and reliably accessible at all times. Two-factor authentication (2FA) and single sign on (SSO) add new layers of security when accessing the system, making the system airtight against cybercriminals attempting to compromise a business’s data.


In addition, the team has also been expanding the system’s ability to integrate with third-party solutions through several new partnerships, making Re-flow more suitable than ever for seamlessly integrating as part of a larger ERP. Now officially partnered with Samsara, users can utilise the two systems’ combined capabilities to harvest telematic data and track vehicle locations, producing valuable insights that can drive improved efficiency and sustainability.

Re-flow has also added integrated support for Polymer, enabling users to effortlessly export real-time information harvested from the field and visualise data. Taking advantage of AI, exported data can also be used to extract valuable insights, giving users more opportunities to strategise, identifying the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Although supporting multiple accounting solutions in the past, including Quickbooks and Sage Business Cloud Accounting, Re-flow is now officially available on the Xero app marketplace, making sharing financial data effortless.

Many of the new features added to Re-flow in the past year, as well as the many enhancements planned in the coming years are driven by customer feedback and industry needs. Staying up to date on the state of the industry, as well as responding to client needs is Re-flow’s driving force. Earlier this year, the team compiled and published many of these findings in the annual State of the Industry Report, collating valuable insights from reputed industry sources.

The breadth of feedback driving Re-flow’s development has only grown this year, enabling the team to integrate more and more industry-specific features, enabling companies with more specific requirements to achieve even more with the system moving forward.

The company’s commitment to providing stellar service and ongoing support is clearly shown by the volume of client case studies they’ve produced this year. Companies including LAML, R&C Williams, Safer Roadworks and MAC Projects International have all shared shining reviews of the software, boasting numerous tangible benefits to their business, including increased efficiency, streamlined operational processes, improved communication, and higher H&S auditability.

The company’s success wasn’t just limited to its clients, however. Internally, Re-flow celebrated numerous milestones, including further team growth and expansion to a brand new, bigger office that gives the business further room to expand in the future.

Though rapidly growing, the team remains tight-knit and committed to fostering an environment that breeds innovation and provides a world-class field management solution. All of these efforts and achievements were aptly highlighted when the company was selected amongst The Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2023.

With such a successful year behind them, Re-flow now looks forward to 2024. The company aims to continue their commitment to collecting feedback, expanding their platform of tools and ensuring market-leading services and support to all of their clients, regardless of size.

To learn more about Re-flow’s field management software for highways, visit or call 01392 574002


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