Re-flow | Re-flow Field Management Review by Taylormade Landscape Contractors

  • Established in 1992, Taylormade is a landscaping contractor specialising in grounds maintenance services and urban grass cutting, offering additional soft landscaping and fencing services on new housing developments.
  • With over three decades in the industry, the company has shown consistent growth, currently turning over 10 million square meters of cut turf and operating on 35 remote sites across the Midlands.

Like many businesses without a centralised system, Taylormade was suffering from a lack of oversight over their various field processes. This meant there was no visibility of completed works, making it difficult to review and collate past job information.

By extension, there was a lack of accountability among operatives, making compliance difficult to enforce and audit trails hard to compile. Without a centralised form system and data returning to the office lagging behind current job progress, the back office could not obtain an accurate image of hours worked on-site.

The effects of disconnected, siloed systems extended all the way through to payments and purchasing. Without a way to track job information from creation to closeout, invoicing was rendered challenging, creating roadblocks for job progress and affecting overall business profitability.

Operating over such a wide range of remote sites, with a fleet of over 50 vehicles and a large suite of specialised equipment, the team at Taylormade needed a better solution to easily track all of their assets, job progress, payments and health & safety data.


Re-flow has been working with businesses across the landscaping sector since the company’s establishment, accruing an in-depth understanding of the sector’s needs and processes.

Re-flow is a fully centralised, cloud-based field management solution. This means that all field processes are united into one system, automatically providing full oversight of processes out of the gate. From creating job packs and scheduling events through to invoicing and payments, businesses using the system only need to rely on a single solution to view the entire lifecycle of any project.

Complete end-to-end visibility enables back-office teams to collect specific data through custom-built forms and collate it alongside job progress, timings and any other data stored within the system. With this, users can export customisable reports that keep management, stakeholders and clients informed. These insights can also be utilised to identify challenges, opportunities, and approach growth more strategically.

Aside from harvesting data, digital forms can be built and used to enforce strict compliance, streamline HSE processes and easily build robust audit trails, ensuring complete operative accountability. Tagged with a digital signature, time and location, each form is packed with granular information that keeps operational processes airtight.


Having fully adopted Re-flow as their dedicated field management solution, Taylormade was able to streamline the way they work, save time and achieve far greater oversight of their operational processes.

Admin users can use Re-flow’s various scheduling views to get an instant overview of works occurring within a selected time period, making scheduling and editing events and tasks a breeze.

In addition, Taylormade’s challenges around invoicing have become a thing of the past. Purchase orders can all be accessed in one place with a systemised list of suppliers. Each job can have a bill of quantities built against it, with specific forms further bolstering these processes. From tender to invoicing and payment, the team now has a complete audit history of all processes.

Re-flow’s forms leave no room for confusion with checkboxes, dropdowns and an enforced completion process. This keeps data accurate, on top of being instant.

This has enabled the company to track lost revenue and conduct root cause analysis, establishing why profitability was suffering as a result of certain processes. With this information, issues can be quickly amended, be this through employee training or performance management. Access to real-time data has allowed the company to stay current and consistently improve operations in response to identified challenges.

Overall, integrating these processes has allowed the company as a whole to come together. With Re-flow as their foundation, Taylormade has fully integrated the commercial, accounts, purchasing, planning and health and safety departments, enabling seamless collaboration and cross-team communication

Taylormade Landscape Contractors now joins a community of hundreds of businesses nationwide who have embraced digital transformation and ensured sustainable growth for years to come. All of this, and more, can be achieved with Re-flow’s award-winning field management software for landscaping.

To learn more about Re-flow’s award-winning field management software, visit or call 01392 574002


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