R&C Williams | Committing to Sustainability as Newest Member of Greener Highways

R&C Williams, a leading Civil Engineering company has showcased its commitment to sustainability by joining Greener Highways as a member, joining the collaborative charge towards net zero.

Greener Highways is a membership organisation set up to unite a sector in the battle against the ongoing climate crisis.

It aims to aid with the education and implementation of sustainable initiatives, products, services and operations across the highways sector.

In order to achieve this, Greener Highways will showcase the contributions of its members towards a cleaner, greener future. Greener Highways aims to tackle the climate emergency together by looking at areas such as energy, transport, wildlife and waste, with further aim to build best practice relationships between businesses to encourage faster changes towards long-term sustainability.

As part of a huge highways community, Greener Highways sees the environmental impact of the sectors business activities and realise that companies need to address increasingly serious environmental problems such as climate change, resource depletion, carbon footprints, and pollution.

R&C Williams

R & C Williams has opted for Greener Highways membership as it shares the mission and aims of the organisation. The business believes in a cleaner, greener future in an industry that can make a monumental difference with its carbon reduction.

R&C Williams is a leader in the field of highways and infrastructure maintenance.

The company has innovations and incentives towards sustainability targets that will be launched in 2022.

Established in 1957, the business has seen evolution across the sector in terms of safety, innovation and more recently, sustainability. For the past 24 months, the business has increasingly invested in sustainable thinking and practice.

Sam Drew, Business Director told us:

“Being a part of Greener Highways was really important to us. As a business that operates in a huge industry, we understand that our changes could be impactful not only to the industry, but to the climate as whole.

“Our industry is emissions heavy, and now is the time for us to start working together to achieve net zero. Being a member of an organisation dedicated to industry best practice, education, collaboration and importantly, action is just one step we’re taking.”

To become a member of Greener Highways, please click here


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