LCRIG Innovation and Learning Festival: Enhancing Operations with Re-Flow

Every business wants to operate safely and efficiently. But managing these goals when using separate bits of software is difficult. Operatives and admin are often snowed under with time-consuming risk assessments and invoicing procedures. Work pressures mount up. Work quality goes down.

Re-flow’s field management software addresses these issues. It’s an easy-to-use digital app and desktop package backed up by a robust UK-based onboarding and support team.

And highways companies are invited to visit them at the LCRIG Innovation and Learning Festival (stand 23) to find out exactly how Re-flow fits their business.

Re-flow is a powerful tool for highways businesses because it provides:

  • A unified system:Re-flow consolidates field management processes into a single piece of software, covering tasks from tender to billing and everything between.
  • Real-time access:Gain complete visibility of jobs. The software provides management with real-time access to data, paperwork, and photos from site.
  • Speedier compliance checks:Digitised forms – automated, sped up by drop down menus, and quickened by autofill – make form-filling a breeze, achieved by a few quick taps in a phone app.

A Case in Point

When highways companies are capable of racking up millions of miles per year, these kinds of company-boosting efficiency savings can make a huge difference to performance and to profits too.

TMO Highways, one of Re-flow’s closest partners, recently said as much:

  • Cost savings: TMO Highways streamlined its coordination team from three full-time admin employees and a manager to two full-time employees, saving around £25k annually.
  • Increased efficiency: Quotes and tenders that previously took many hours to compile now take a quarter of the time, thanks to Re-flow’s database and automation features.
  • Improved response time: The spare admin staff now support the accounts and commercial team, leading to quicker responses to tenders and enquiries, resulting in more work won.
  • Resource management and prevented Fines: The visibility on signage through Re-flow has reduced the likelihood of fines for leaving signs out after job completion, and minimised confusion and obstruction for road users.

LCRIG Innovation and Learning Festival

LCRIG’s mission statement is all about innovating, boosting, an decarbonising the highways sector. The fact that the UK’s highways account for around a quarter of the country’s carbon emissions leads to a simple truth:

It’s our collective responsibility to address the issue. Re-flow’s field management software streamlines business processes and makes the kind of across-the-board efficiency savings that add up and have a significant environmental impact.

Savings include:

  • Cloud-based job packs, documents, and signoffs sent directly to the app eliminating unnecessary trips to the office
  • Real-time job visibility reducing the need for travel to site for checks
  • Improved resource management minimising unnecessary vehicle use
  • Enhanced project planning reducing waste of materials and resources
  • Automated workflows minimising the need for physical paperwork

Re-flow will be looking out for other industry-specific innovations at the show, whether at this year’s new presentation area, the Technical Learning Theatre – where they hope to enjoy some interactive training sessions – or at the Innovation Think Pavilion, a space dedicated to pushing industry conversation into some pioneering new places. They’ll also be visiting the LCRIG Start-Up Zone, where they look forward to seeing new ideas, all in the name of healthy collaboration and innovation across the sector.

Free up time with Re-flow to become more competitive and win more deals.

Visit us on stand 23 or find out more about our award-winning software.


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