HTM | HTM Achieve an Almost 50% Reduction of CO2 Emissions

Highway Traffic Management have reduced their vehicle idling by 48.57% compared to the same six months in 2021 through Michelin Connected Fleet.

Following the introduction of MICHELIN Connected Fleet to the business in Q3 2020, HTM have been able to monitor various different outputs across their fleet including far more accurate data surrounding vehicle idling.

Vehicle idling is not only damaging to the environment, but it can also be harmful to those using the vehicle or in the immediate vicinity, as harmful gases build up in the air.

“For this reason, vehicle idling is something that we identified as requiring improvements across the business to protect the health and wellbeing of our drivers and communities, as well as helping reduce the environmental impact that idling can have.” commented Transport Manager, Martyn Long.

The current economic climate has also highlighted the importance of reducing any fuel wastage and should act as encouragement for all road users to think before idling their vehicle.

He continued: “We can all do our part to reduce our environmental impact. Whilst electric vehicles are offering new solutions to this, by cutting down our vehicle idling we can all help support the cause. This reduction achievement has been a combined effort from the transport department and all of our drivers.”

A growing vehicle fleet therefore has the potential to create a real difference towards CO2 and other harmful emissions. Across 142 vehicles monitored over a six month reference period, the Birmingham born traffic management business has saved over 19.6 tonnes of CO2 compared to the same six months in the previous year, which equates to £7,421.00 of fuel saved.

“To have made such progressive steps forward since last year demonstrates our commitment to our PAS2060 Carbon Neutrality certification, as well as our Greener Highways membership. It’s not just about offsetting the carbon emissions that we create, it’s looking at making improvements across the board that all work towards the goal of reducing our carbon footprint.” commented Greg Baldwin.

MICHELIN Connected Fleet’s CEO, Gilson Santiago, commented: “The partnership with Highway Traffic Management is a great example of how fleets can use our services and insights we provide from their data.

He continued: “This support helps businesses work towards their carbon neutrality goals and operate a sustainable and efficient fleet. Michelin Connected Fleet are very happy to work with Highway Traffic Management to make the difference.“

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