Chevron Green Services | Building a sustainable outlook into the Chevron Green Services company culture

This outdoor stand has been reused at several events already this year and they will continue to reuse this stand during 2024 and beyond.

The inconvenient truth about sustainability is that it’s about changing behaviour. It’s not just about recycling, it’s about changing the way people approach consumption. Anything that requires behaviour change is not a fast fix, it’s something that happens over the long-term.

Reduce, reuse, recycle is the mantra we should all have in our minds when considering our purchases. 

Of course, purchases are necessary sometimes, so thinking about where those items come from, what materials are they made from, and thinking about their long-term shelf life, can they be reused multiple times? 

In acknowledgement of Recycle Week, here are a few of the changes they have made at Chevron Green Services (CGS) to build a sustainable outlook into their company culture… 

💚Thanks to their group ESG team, they now have a PPE recycling scheme in place. Once PPE is finished with, they return it to a specialist company who recycles it for them to stop it going to landfill.

🐞Their Ecospheres were created with recycling in mind, as a sustainable way to reuse some of the green waste from their works. Reusing them in their spherical bug hotels means that insects and bugs have a variety of materials they can use for shelter and that green matter does not have to be disposed of. Their ecospheres can currently be found at the RBLI HQ in Aylesford, Kent; their client Ringway’s depot in Kings Lynn, Norfolk; as well as CGS depots across the UK.

Maria and Suzy with Ecosphere

🏢Their stand at Highways UK, as part of the Chevron Group is reused too, as is the amazing living wall which has been used at many events over the past year and once it’s finished on their stand it will be dismantled and rebuilt in a new stand at a different event. This year they have digital business cards to share their contact details electronically and will not be supplying flyers at all, instead directing attendees to their dedicated webpage.

🌟Not giving away pointless stuff at events. They’ve exhibited at a number of events this year, and whilst they know the expectation is to give away things, they have put a lot of thought into each individual event and if they are going to provide giveaways, they ensure what they give away is useful and nature based. For example, at Highways UK this week they gave away seeded pencils which once used, you can plant in the ground to grow thyme. They also gave away wildflower seed packs to create a mini garden to attract pollinators. 

🔨Their stand used at outdoor events was built by their team in Curdridge out of old pallets, bringing new life to what would otherwise be disposed of.

📐They have recently rebranded, and as part of their rebrand, the brief was to use up all items featuring the existing brand first before getting updated rebranded versions. 

🌳They are currently in discussion with their Group ESG team about putting a sustainable procurement and buying policy in place across the Chevron group of businesses.

They appreciate that changing behaviours is slow. they still have a long way to go but change is made through a series of small steps, and they know that the small steps they are taking are putting them on the right path towards a sustainable company culture.



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