Blakedale Ltd | Committing to Sustainability as Newest Member of Greener Highways

Blakedale Ltd, a leading specialist in the hire, build, sale and maintenance of traffic-management vehicles, as well as the manufacture and sale of motorway marker posts and hazard delineators has showcased its commitment to sustainability by becoming a member of Greener Highways, joining the collaborative charge towards net zero.

Greener Highways is a membership organisation set up to unite a sector in the battle against the ongoing climate crisis. It aims to aid with the education and implementation of sustainable initiatives, products, services and operations across the highways sector.

In order to achieve this, Greener Highways will showcase the contributions of its members towards a cleaner, greener future. Greener Highways aims to tackle the climate emergency together by looking at areas such as energy, transport, wildlife and waste, with further aim to build best practice relationships between businesses to encourage faster changes towards long-term sustainability.

As part of a huge highways community, Greener Highways sees the environmental impact of the sectors business activities and realise that companies need to address increasingly serious environmental problems such as climate change, resource depletion, carbon footprints, and pollution.

Blakedale Ltd

Blakedale Ltd has opted for Greener Highways membership as it shares the mission and aims of the organisation. The business believes in a cleaner, greener future in an industry that can make a monumental difference with its carbon reduction.

Blakedale Ltd is a leader in the field of the hire, build, sale and maintenance of traffic-management vehicles, as well as the manufacture and sale of motorway marker posts and hazard delineators.

MD, Carmen Bowley told us:

“Our commitment to a greener ethos has started with baby steps in-house. We are actively working with our suppliers to minimise packaging and to source the most environmentally friendly packaging materials that are available; these include recyclable ‘green’ padded envelope, wrapping tape made from brown paper rather than plastic, re-used cardboard boxes, and water-soluble packaging pellets to minimise landfill.

“We are having our carbon footprint measured, which will then able us to actively work on reducing it. We have sponsored prizes in local schools to encourage children to litter pick in a campaign known as ‘Keep It Clean, Keep It Green’. We have also lobbied our supportive local MP and Speaker of the House, Lindsay Hoyle about the litter affecting the local highways network. Further, we are exploring the option of EV service vans and have also set up an in-house ‘green committee’ to drive our commitment and initiatives in this area forward.

“Personally, I have always been committed to the environment and have tried in my own way to do what I can, for example driving an electric car, and litter picking when out walking our dog, plus planting 20 baby Christmas trees at home.

“However, this is a nationwide and indeed, a global crisis. Real improvements will only be made by ultimately, putting our money where our mouth is.

“I acknowledge that we have a corporate responsibility to get involved and to be proactive in helping to make changes, whilst also understanding that there are no easy fixes. By joining Greener Highways and getting involved with like-minded people from our industry, I hope that Blakedale will be able to make a meaningful contribution to help improve the situation and be part of the solution, rather than the problem.”

To become a member of Greener Highways, please visit


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